Welcome to Yugoville

An archive of various articles on my travels in the former Yugoslavia. A lot has changed since I wrote these:  Milosevic is dead,  Karadzic went New Age and  Mladic went — hey where is Mladic? To read in chronological order, start at the bottom. [Update 26-05-2011: they found Mladic]


yugovideoletters-restaurantReturn to Sarajevo

A Dutch-funded project to re-connect survivors of the Balkans wars by video launches in the former war-torn capital.  



When one  lives in a gangster society,  one gets gangster architecture.  Therefore   ‘A Field Guide to Serbian Gangster Kitsch’ is a very handy thing indeed.  



Power Lunch

Is this “retired” General a war criminal?
Or just deeply conflicted?  



Flying High with Mira

Sitting behind the psycho wife of Slobodan Milosevic on a flight to Belgrade after she visited her husband’s jailed ass  at the  International War Crimes Tribunal…  


yugoBosnian-BugA Peckerhead in Bosnia

I had already visited Belgrade and Guca but it was only when I went to Bosnia for the first time that my brain truly got  Balkanized. Meet the professor.


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