benkatchorBen Katchor and Rutu Modan

Interviews with two  Jewish comic book artists: Ben Katchor on being a New Yorker in New York and Rutu Modan on the burgeoning art of Israeli comics.


simonLive to be 100

According to octogenarian poet, writer and inspired child Simon Vinkenoog, the trick is to keep breathing.


boomFifteen years of jokes and beers

Improv comedy troupe Boom Chicago look back and observe how the state of  cops and the suds have changed over the last years.


eyeCocaine is Watching You

The documentary Dutch Cocaine Factory is a secret history in lines and layers captured on tape. Call it ‘pro-paranoia’.



Sitting Down With Cinema Savant Hans Beerekamp

The Netherlands’ best-known film critic weighs in the responsibilities of the trade, the local film climate and the Dutch film mafia.



Strangerrrrr than Fiction

Cat Dancers is a deeply odd trip into the world of Ron Holiday, complete with wild cats, love triangles, spandex and—ultimately—tragedy.


sawSawnic Revolution

Who killed the cat? An emerging musical saw scene is setting the city’s teeth on edge. Just how big can one saw scene get?



Hanging at the Chiellerie

Ashtray collections and shit on a plate. Five years of low-threshold art at the Chiellerie gallery is now documented and available  in a handy book format.



Are Archives Sexy and Dynamic?

Amsterdam’s new city archive on Vijzelstraat is one of the largest in the world and is now open for business. Can you feel the excitement?



Belgrade, A Lonely Planet

What are the chances of getting Belgrade on the EasyJet circuit any time soon? Serbian rock star Vladimir Jeric of Darkwood Dub weighs in.



Sugar Sugar

Is it a bird, a plane, a theatre or a club? What exactly is happening at the new ‘night theater’ Sugar Factory?



Howie Krishna Says Amsterdam Still Rules!

The Supperclub’s host-with-the-most offers the best seasonal message possible: stop whining and ‘go to the light and be happy!’



The Middle Way of the Radical Moderate

Drinking rosé and living the revolution: confessions of a terror group groupie. ‘It’s not red wine. It’s not white. It’s right in the middle. Right where we like it.’