Family, friends,  esteemed colleagues — or some combination thereof.



“Korver” can be interpreted as “a maker of reed baskets that are hung from swamp trees and ducks feed from.”  A respected trade.


STEVE75PixelsRene Nuijens

Partner in Yuri.


camerons_by_Edland_ManMr & Mrs Cameron

The DJs.
Giving marriage a good name.



The “world’s smallest circus” really know what they are doing. ‘Erotic Ballet with Ear and Q-Tip’ anyone?



Alt.platform for loud guitars and other things. With a great looking  mag. And great sounding  noise.


the sadiesThe Sadies

The band. For when only a surf/spaghetti/bluegrass/murder-ballad fusion ensemble will do… And really, one of only a handful of bands I’d do merch for.



Everybody needs their own favourite edgy Russian art collective.
This is mine.


ioIo Perry

Singer/songwriter. ‘Her happiest memories involve being raised in a barn while under the care of her starving artist father…’


karenExercise Books

Forget moleskins. These exercise books from designer Karen Willey are the only notebooks  that matter.  Fun for the whole family.



For all your inflatable needs.
No really: all of them…


geoffGeoff Berner

It’s hard to believe that I lived so long without having at least one  whiskey rabbi drinking buddy. Should I  go to the Odessa of yore and look for some  more?



Painter/designer Ottograph is in fact the Bob Ross of the graffiti generation. Watch and learn.   Then paint. Then watch and learn again.


sharidaMinistry of Bla di Bla

Great name for a great blog from journalist Sharida Mohamedjoesoef. If you ever need Ramadan rounded up, call her.


bekonChris Koelbleitner

Chris Koelbleitner, aka Bekon, is a teacher living in Japan Vancouver with a ‘huge fucking camera and a small black notebook’.



Inspired project: a summer music school for Roma children in Novi Sad, Serbia. It’s scary how amazing these kids are.



Designer/musician/terminally busy person  Martin Draax also happens to have a very handy Survive Amsterdam guide to cheap eats.