‘Ringo Rocket Star and his Song for Yuri Gagarin’

Just in time for Cosmonautics Day: ‘Ringo Rocket Star and his Song for Yuri Gagarin’. The fourth short film of our Road to Gagarin project has finally landed online after winning 28 awards worldwide at film festivals such as Sydney Indie (‘best feel good film’), First Rule of Film Club Indie Showcase (best actor, best short, best soundtrack), Paphos International Film Festival (audience award), Los Angeles CineFest (semi-finalist), Moscow Indie Film Festival (special mention) and Planet 9 Film Fest (‘officially groovy film award’).

Five-stars go to the Yuri-like dedication of auteur director Rene Nuijens to make this film happen. And those gravity-defying animations? They were art directed once again by the always kickass Celia Rosa. And there were many other star contributors…

So check out what the cosmic fuss is about and let us know what you think.

But be warned: you will enter an ear wormhole. Cigani to the stars!

Yuri film #5 is in the works… It will likely feature an interstellar football and a rocket of a sausage. So stay tuned!

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