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With the world’s largest documentary film festival IDFA opening this weekend, let’s take a moment to pay tribute to the forgotten masses who have been working the last weeks  in subtitler  sweatshops  found across town in dank basements and dusty attics.   So instead of feeling sorry for all those overhyped masses of  call center workers, take a moment to give thanks to all those selfless subtitlers out there who make this event possible…

Meanwhile check out films about space tourists, the Russian War on the North Sea island of Texel, a non-violent psychopath, a freaky futurist, the birth of Punk Islam, disco in Estonia,  a Belgrade folk hero, the inner life of Glenn Gould, googling yourself a  baby, and some miscreants of Taliwood…

It’s also worth  checking out T_Visionarium Open City  (pictured) at the Zuiderkerk (an ancient church worth visiting in its own right as Amsterdam’s urban planning center). This installation, running until 22 November, bends the mind  as a 360 degree 3D — complete with glasses — projection of hundreds of films about urbanisation. Browse, watch, remix, repeat. Really quite trippy…

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