stranger_posters5StrangerFestival is an online forum for young European  video-makers supported by the European Cultural Foundation. The website has thousands of films  – all of which tell a story in under  five minutes. So check it out!   Everyone between ages  15 and 25 are welcome to upload their creations here. And the cool thing about StrangerFestival is that they run workshops across Europe for youth who don’t usually have access to the required technology so they are creating a truely diverse collection. This week the best of these video-makers are swooping down on Amsterdam for some quality hanging out. With Your Local Heroes, I  worked on  the programme newspaper and it was pretty funny talking/emailing with some of the participants. Two guys — one from Armenia and the other from Poland — could have been  twins in the way they answered   with the same smartass verve. Yep,  perhaps there is a European identity after all… Poster design/art direction  by Jannemieke Oostra.

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