Magritte & Tintin in Brussels

brusselsmagrittebrusselstintinMy piece about the new museums in Belgium dedicated to surrealist Rene  Magritte and Tintin-creator Herge has been published in today’s Globe&Mail. Read it here  before rushing out to buy a bowler hat of your own.

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  1. Steve Korver Oct 22nd 2009

    A certain Thierry Keruzoré sent this message to me in response to this article. I found it confusing mostly because I stand as an example of the failure of French education system in Ontario. My very French friend Simon Wald-Lasowski theorises “Maybe this guy thinks that you’re a French speaker abandoning your roots. Either way It seems Tintin is a touchy subject!” Excellent!

    Cher Steve,
    les tirades du capitaine Haddock sont-elles traduisibles? Milou et Snowy sont-ils les mêmes ?
    Hergé n’est pas André Breton mais ne se retournerait- il pas dans sa tombe si sa poésie était disneylisiée ?
    Ne sous-estimez-pas les Canadiens, ils peuvent lire dans le texte!
    Bien à vous.

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