Brasserie Holland Casino chews down on own ass

HCLogoHere’s  a classic new example of an ad coming back to bite its advertiser in  their ass. As part of an ad campaign to promote Brasserie Holland Casino, full page ads were placed  that had  the chef  inviting the feared food critic Johannes van Dam of Het Parool to come and   try the food.  Van Dam  did  and gave it a 5.5 out of 10. He even wrote a long sidebar about the experience where he goes on quite poetically  about how truely terrible  it was (loosely translated): “The lobster soup looked beautiful but tasted like a drugstore counter… The terrine was attractive to  the eyes but an attack against the tongue.” Ouch. Usually it’s only the chef that gets fired after a review like this — but this time he might  bring down  a whole  ad agency down with him.

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