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yuri-finetuning-the-budget2Yes. My website has entered basic functioning mode. Steven McCarron  who has helped me immensely  has reassured me that this site is very much on the cutting  edge of Web 0.5. So that’s cool. But much still has to be fiddled with. I’m  open to all comments and suggestions in regards to content, design  and whether there’s anything I should pull off this site immediately  if I actually want to work on this planet again. (I do.)

Thanks! And enjoy!

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2 Replies

  1. Wow. Really love the site. Will look around more, but 1st impressions last forever and this one is excellent.

  2. Stephen Jul 28th 2009

    Wow! It’s like walking into a conversation with you without actually having to come up with responses, or at least having time to refine those responses in a way that makes you (me, er, one?) seem witty and sharp and clever and spontaneous – without ever having to be any of those things. In theory, anyway… Sweet!

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