Parade down to Utrecht

Parade-FestivalThe wacky theater festival De Parade is coming to Amsterdam on 31 July. But since this edition has been taken over by armies of rosé-drinkers over the last decade, why not head to Utrecht? It retains more of the old-fashioned vibe and is conveniently located under a crashed UFO in a huge tree-filled park beside Utrecht CS.

Pips:lab  has an entertaining show: Archie & the Bees combines Goethe colour theory, cod pieces and light graffiti – along with whining about how they have to stay together as a collective for another four years since getting a structural subsidy. Does this make sense? No? Then just check out their website.

But I missed Wereldband, which everyone is highly recommending. So I guess I’ll be hitting the Amsterdam edition after all. Luckily, I have already worked through most of my rosé issues.

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3 Replies

  1. PIPS:lab even has a new, improved, yet temporary and very simple website: !
    See you @ Parade Amsterdam…

  2. Oops, hasty typ-o : sorry.

  3. Yo Steve, nice! Looks real and all…

    I am going to try to see De Wereldband again on either 11, 13 or 15 august. Since buying tickets is a thing, will you join us and let me know when you are available for some musical chair action.


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